On Gossip and Heresay

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Narcissus, from ancient Greek Mythology, in love with his reflection in a pool.

I read a great blog entry by Kathy Krajco today, concerning gossip and the effect it has on people. The essay concerned the effect of slander on people who know you. In essence, if you are honest, kind and gentle, those that have known you for many years will know this as the many experiences will have built up a strong picture of what you are really like. If this is the case, then misinformation spread about you will not, in general, be believed by these people. Likewise, if you are sensible then over many years this will show in people’s experience of you and an insinuation that you are crazy and imagining things will not be believed. To believe this, those that know you would have to erase the history they have of you. As Kathy states, this is why it is called “character assassination”.

When unfounded gossip does manage to take hold, your life is erased with a figment of the imagination becoming substituted for it. This can be quite distressing. Fortunately, in general, the narcissist’s allegations are ironic in that your good qualities are attempted to be smeared with the semblance of one of his own vices. Thus, the allegations always seem preposterous and those that know you should not be fooled by them.

In any case, such attacks always have a positive aspect in that they draw out who your true friends are.


Blog entry by Kathy Kraico

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